Getting Through the Gray Season

Once the twinkly lights of the holiday season get put away, the dreary weather solidly puts me into what I call Gray Season. With the exception of snow days and occasionally blue skies, the days until Spring can seem like an interminable gray stretch.

Over the years, I’ve found some things help my morale during these months: a Honeybell orange delivery from Florida (this is a luxury that feels important: the juice is like drinking sunshine); houseplants (to remind me there are still living, green things around); books (always, books); projects… (I’m one of the obnoxious people who enjoys New Year’s resolution-making, basically because it gives me an excuse to dream big about self-improvement, and for 2020 I’ve got several things I want to give my attention to: reading, journaling, more writing, and a 365 photography project). It’s easier to get through the gray days when you’re feeling a strong source of light from somewhere, even if it’s metaphorical light.

In spite of the cold temperatures and early darkness, the garden is still active. During the day, we have a variety of visitors (although even they are mostly gray!). I’ve taken some photos I like of squirrels, titmice, and chickadees. And at night, we have our other gray visitors, visible through the wildlife cameras: the raccoons and possums. There’s still (always) food and water available for them in the garden, and it makes me happy to know I’m helping them get through Gray Season too.

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