Doom-Interrupted Days

Maybe you’re young and healthy and/or unafraid. Or maybe you've been brainwashed. In my better moments, I can imagine you feeling as if you’re being yelled at to evacuate, by people you don’t trust, in a language you don’t understand. That makes me slightly more compassionate toward you. Can I suggest some ways to spend your doom-interrupted days?

Musings on Squirrels and on the Limits of Science

When ripe acorns start dropping off of the many Oak trees in our neighborhood, the squirrels mostly disappear from our garden for about six weeks. We still see them when we walk the dogs; working during all the daylight hours and into twilight, gathering acorns one by one and carefully burying them in different spots. … Continue reading Musings on Squirrels and on the Limits of Science

Some Philosophical Thoughts on Instinct

There’s something about this time of year, as (in the Northern hemisphere, at least) the Earth starts its tilt away from the Sun: the sunlight moves through the day faster; its angle bathes the greens in golden tones; the nights are cooler, clearer, starry; the morning dew burns into blue-skied sunshine by midday. On afternoon … Continue reading Some Philosophical Thoughts on Instinct